Not Listening to Abusive Teachings

Absolutely critical! I’ve been working on “this stuff” for decades, and I confirm: What we say to ourselves is absolutely critical. I was given a pretty journal once, which I decided I’d use only to name one thing (or more) each night that I was grateful for: good health, good weather, my cat, a friendly face. I also quit saying “I can’t” do certain things, like remember names; instead, I said, “I’m working on remembering names better.” Today, despite a life that I once thought was the most tragic in the entire world, I’m becoming more functional again and am happy most days. Thank you, Kathy, for these important words.

Discussing Dissociation

You Are Listening

Hello Everyone,

These quotes are massively powerful in their simplicity.

Think of how they can apply to the healing process of a dissociative trauma survivor —  a survivor of any kind of abuse….. Child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, ritual abuse, mind control.

I know and I know and I know without a shadow of doubt that horrific, hideous words were said to you during your years of trauma.  It was wrong for your abusers to say those words. Wrong, vile, and unacceptable on every level.

I am sure that those damaging words and phrases still can be heard in your mind, in your internal communication, and probably even in your own speech.  Removing that trash talk from your mind and your life is essential for your healing, your internal cooperation, and your overall peace of mind.

Have a look at these quotes again.  Can you…

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