Re-edited Videos and “Shaman Winter”

DVD template dollLast week, thinking I was dying, the most important thing I wanted to do was update my latest video series.  So I worked to accomplish that.

This feels like my most important life work to finish up, my best contribution to the world for understanding mind control, so I appreciate you taking the time to view it.

Besides, the first video is very artfully done and got over 2,000 views it’s first week.*  And it’s only 3 minutes long.

And if you want to watch the whole series, you can click to “watch all,” and sit back and relax for just a little over an hour.

After three days of serious heart pain with jabs of arm pain and jaw pain (classic heart attack symptoms), they faded away for a day.  They came back when my father called and chastised me about not getting allopathic are.  Along the way, he told me, “You owe me!” (to stay alive), then explained that I was finally beginning to be nice to him after decades of not, and I owed him more nice years.

Now, I’m managing my heart as well as I can.  And reading Rudolpho Anaya’s book, Shaman Winter, an excellent story about fighting evil on the spiritual planes.  Right now, it’s as close as I can get to what feels like real help.

Love you all ~

Really appreciate you.

* YouTube keeps reducing my numbers!  The numbers decrease now and then on my site by thousands at a time, from 15,000 to 12,000, then down to 10,000, trying to discourage me, I guess.

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