Video about our culture’s fraudulent Sex Ed

I guess I’m a few years late in discovering this –

What I came across today was a fascinating video about the lies and crimes perpetrated by Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues at the Kinsey Institute.  I thought he’d done legitimate science.

The documented material that surprised me the most was that they skewed their data by using information from numerous sex criminals and then reported it as a cross-section of the country.

And I didn’t know that they used data involving children, and actually published charts that indicate that some children were sexually manipulated for as long as 24 hours at a stretch, and their cries and fainting and various types of resistance were interpreted – in Kinsey’s published book – as sexual response and enjoyment.

I also never knew that it is well-documented that Kinsey was a sado-masochist, whose death was related to a bizarre masochistic action on his own body.

So why did the major American media jump on his bandwagon?  And why did the courts all across the country change the laws with Kinsey’s direction to reflect children’s “rights” and lessen their protection?  And why have his theories become the foundation for sex education in academia?

Here’s a link to the movie:


I can hardly believe how things keep getting worse on Earth – except that we were forewarned.  So sorry to deliver this to your mailbox, but it makes a lot of sense, explains a lot.

In a video made after this, someone asks “Where are those children?”  I wonder if they were channeled into MK programs when they went dissociative.

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  1. Jean Eisenhower

    Thank you, Julie! Actually, I didn’t post it to you, but your subscription to my site resulted in its arrival to your email. Glad you appreciate knowing about yet another can of worms! But it sure makes sense of things, huh!

  2. julie

    wow, Jean, thank you for posting this to my email….a proverbial can of worms on top of everything else….a dose of reality….amidst the already chaotic schisms going on…..I appreciate your work, Julie


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