Ignored bruise becomes a faded taser mark?

Monday, I noticed a small bruise on my arm.  I wondered if it was from a hypodermic injection, but it was small, hard to see, and I don’t want to bother folks with all the iffy stuff, so I ignored it.

Tuesday, I took a photo, but it was small and didn’t look significant.

Thursday, the bruise had faded, leaving two clear dots, 1/4″ apart, which could best be seen by pulling my wrinkly skin a little bit taut, so I had my partner do that for this photo:

Their spacing is very similar to the spacing of the dots in my November 2010 event, when they burned me horribly – and more.  I guess they adjusted the voltage since then.  Thanks, guys.

What a week!

 I’ve been catching up from the shock of my 18-month summary, responding to your wonderful comments, dealing with the pain of a displaced vertebrae, and then absorbing Wednesday’s news of an X-ray report of multiple problems with my spine….

(Doctors can’t believe that I’ve never been in a major accident.  I don’t tell them that I have other physical evidence that someone regularly treats me roughly during times of amnesia.)

Some of your comments have been wonderful, helping focus my intentions for healing – which I plan to write more about soon.

Keep up the faith, everyone.  Do what you can to open your awareness of the multiple dimensions, but protect yourself there, and find your family there.  Then the work begins….

5 thoughts on “Ignored bruise becomes a faded taser mark?

  1. angelsylph

    Hi Jean,
    I think we have the same people (?) coming after us. I had this a few weeks ago (I think – It is gone now) but of course I didn’t write it down. All I wrote was that things were pretty normal – meaning that had happened before and I didn’t know what it was. Mine was betweeen my thumb and finger and the same 2 dots and a bruise.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to start my own blog. There is not much there but at least I started it. I kept waiting for the time to be right and when my head was clear and I wasn’t being messed with too much but of course the perfect time never comes.


  2. balanceenergies

    Hi Jean…hope this finds you well…not too long ago i ended up with 2 dots connected by a line…inner right ebow area…..then after a couple of days, there were 3 dots……one of the bigger bruises i have had was 3 long finger marks on my upper right front sholder..plus another big one not too far away…..all i could see were those long, skinny fingers holding me down…was doing may hair 2-3 months ago and was checking the back in the mirror, and saw a fresh incision……also castor oil is supposed to be great for inflammation…cat…ratz, rice is boiling over…………cat

  3. leyla48

    A long while back I had bruises on my thighs on the inside on the same location on each leg. They looked like thumb prints that were bruises and they were large…sometimes it’s hard to know what goes on especially when our memory is tampered with. The Castor oil works wonders, I use it and it was recommended to me by my friend who is a healer. Thanks for sharing with all of us! Rainbow

  4. artemesiaspeaks

    Regarding the spine distortions, pay attention to the part in the transcripts I sent you (transcript 1) about similar things that came up for me, and their causes, which I only could uncover via the HK sessions. My mother had ‘them’ put me on some kind of a rack which stretched me and ‘straightened’ my spine, when I knew full well even at 4 it did not need straightening. I totally forgot about this, but interestingly I did remember my mother once talking about this. I think she talked about it being done to her or some other person, definitely remember it was a child she was discussing, but I blocked that it referred to me. It seems to be ‘common’ practice for them to install programs and trauma mind control via the spine and the associated chakra energy system through this powerful link/access column. Miranda and Duncan have matching scars in their sacral area from where something similar was done to them.

    You might request copies of these x-rays and radiology analysis reports and save them for yourself. They will probably charge you a lot for these, but as Duncan found, they can come in handy down the line if and when the disclosure stuff comes up (he showed his on Jesse Ventura’s show on TV). Don’t loan them out, I guess the TV show held on to them and he has had trouble getting them back. I am in the midst of a similar process re: my medical records, just for my own documentation. When all this stuff blows up in the perpetrators faces and there is a time of transparency and reckoning for these abuses, those of us who have the proof in various forms and who are survivors will aid the process of reconciliation and truth exposure by having everything we can to provide evidence of the atrocities. If only for ourselves, initially, I think the project of exposure may have more impact in say 10-15 years. For now, we are surely in the thick of it and can expect little support or understanding from mainstream folks, who seem to be getting dumber and less able to see the obvious right in front of them every day.

    Anyhow, thank you for sharing. Also, have you tried CASTOR OIL on these wounds? This is something Stewart Swerdlow recommends for anomalous marks and wounds related to abduction stuff. I am in the process of finding some so I can try it myself.


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