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While I appreciate these two researchers (below) very much, I’m not convinced that there is no “alien” (negative alien) involvement.  I believe there is, and that the military and CIA are deeply involved, probably as their primary functionaries.

These two articles make a compelling case for government involvement behind the “alien” experiences.

This research by Martin Canon is actually 24 years old now, but it deserves continuing attention because it is fairly comprehensive despite its age (and two decades of testimony continues to support this) and (for some this will be important) it’s written in academic style with extensive footnotes.

Additionally, this webpage regarding Leah Haley, whose experiences recounted in her books reminds me of my own, is corroborative:

Here are a few paragraphs from this article on Leah:

Carpenter Affair

Haley’s experiences included missing time, disturbing body markings and a retrieved possible implant, in addition to interactions with mysterious strangers and military personnel. Her search for answers included regressive hypnosis sessions conducted by John Carpenter, a mental health counselor who served as the MUFON director of abduction research during the early 1990’s. For what is in all likelihood a variety of reasons, Haley’s mental imagery during the sessions included implications of aliens and emotional trauma.

Carpenter conducted some 14 regressive hypnosis sessions with Haley, encouraging her to accept alien abduction, before selling her case file [! my underline – je].  In what became known as the Carpenter Affair, Carpenter betrayed 140 clients and alleged alien abductees when he accepted $14,000 for their case files.  The purchaser was Robert Bigelow, whose activities and associates never stray far from controversy.  Non-lethal weapons expert and consultant to the CIA, Colonel John B. Alexander, was termed a science advisor to Bigelow at the time.

[John Carpenter is on the Board of the Journal of Abduction Research.  Years ago I submitted an article to this journal, tying the alien experience to military activities, and received a scathing letter back from one of the editors.  This indicates to me that the military is working very hard to distance themselves from association with alien activities.  je]

Here’s the cover page: of Martin Cannon’s research (

by Martin Cannon
“The Controllers” released circa 1990

from MindControl Website

“Much of the forthcoming is an introduction to the topic of mind control – what it is, and how it works.”

 Table of Contents

  • I. Introduction
    • The Problem
      The Hypothesis
  • II. The Technology
    • A Brief Overview
      Subsequent Electrode Implant Research
      Abductee Implants
      A Question of Timing
      The Quandary
      Remote Hypnosis
      That’s Entrainment
      Wave Your Brain Goodbye
      Final Thoughts on “The Wave”
  • III. Applications
    • Palle Hardrup’s “Guardian Angel”
      Screen Memory
      The Super Spy
      Bases of Suspicion
      The Scandinavian Connection
      Helicopters and Discs
      The Military and Mind Control
      The Ultimate Motive For Mind Control
  • IV. Abductions
    • The Hill Case and the “Advanced” Aliens
      Arms and the Abductee
      “They Will Think It’s Flying Saucers”
      Glimpses of the Controllers
      Grounds For Further Research
      Final Thoughts
  • Selected Bibliography on Mind Control 

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    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Watched it. Thanks for suggesting it. Now I know that even though I’ve felt tormented from having “de-activated” from my secret society membership long, long ago, I think it would have been worse to have continued in it, as the horrors would have been with my supposed consent.


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