First, forget everything you think you know about “aliens.”


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The subject has been culturally-crafted, simplified, and distorted by “intelligence” agencies in league with Hollywood, television, publishers, “Disclosure” organizations, and “alien experiencer support” groups, etc. – which include a lot of very well-meaning, good-hearted people (and others not so) also in the spell of the story.

“Aliens” do exist, but they are extremely diverse in type – like “ocean life” is diverse – from plankton to whales, and starfish to schools of fish swimming as one.


by Amazonian artist-shaman Pablo Amaringo

And I don’t know anyone who has a good handle on the topic of “aliens,” other than shamans (and very few have weighed in on the subject publicly), and I’m not sure about all of them; remember, many shamans are also trickster teachers.

There are many blogs I’ve posted on this site tagged with “alien” or “aliens” (see the “cloud” to the right), which I encourage you to read, to understand the weird sort of experiences a mind control subject (or “alien experiencer”) can have.  But remember that those experiences may well have been illusions crafted by someone experimenting with mind control technology.  (Leah Haley also came to a similar conclusion, as she explains to an interviewer in this blog:  http://ufotrail.blogspot.com/2011/09/leah-haley-on-alien-abduction-it-doesnt_17.html#comment-form.)

I, however, still believe that real alien beings (way beyond our understanding, certainly not the cultural cartoons, and probably just one race of an uncountable number) are behind the mind control and other high technologies.

Yes, I’ve made a circle here.  Aliens seem to be behind the government/technology/mind control and are putting forward a “mask”/front/screen memory of cartoon “aliens.”

“Why?” you ask, would beings hide and then create a false mask of themselves?  Why not?  Many analogies spring to mind, from both espionage and nature:  undercover agents, double agents, triple agents, camouflage for predators, camouflage for prey.  It’s a completely common device in both nature and human politics when someone wants to steal someone else’s life or other thing of value.

So, now that we’ve come full circle and we’re back talking about aliens, I hope you’ve divested yourselves of those cartoon images or loosened up your thinking around them.

“We live in an Ocean of Spirit,” a curandero/shaman warned me once, “and we must always protect ourselves.”

Hear that, and understand it.  (If there is anything I haven’t done enough of, it’s to protect myself more consistently.  “Pray without ceasing” is very good advice and a very good practice.)


by Amazonian artist-shaman Pablo Amaringo

The Ocean of Spirit – in other times thought of as inhabited by angels and demons – may still be inhabited by angels and demons – and may be indistinguishable from what some of us call “alien,” others call Faerie, etc.  Just as material Life includes abundance and vitality as well as death and transformation, so does the spiritual world include all these energies with which we constantly dance or contend, and are blessed or controlled by.

(Some Christians equate aliens with demons and invoke Jesus Christ’s protection.  I neither criticize nor advocate here, as I have not tried this without my rational mind equivocating on Whom exactly I mean when I say Jesus…Yeshua…Christ…Teacher…my Concept of all things Righteous Who more than once has felt like he He was my Loving Link to God, but not the Martyred Lamb icon of materialist, war-making Fundamentalism, etc.  And the instructions I’ve seen for Christian-type protective prayer often require reading about three pages of precise names  for every sort of other-dimensional being, thought form, program, etc. that has ever been described by anyone.  My rational mind definitely objected to this and insisted that I had to have a connection to God that transcended all those words!)

11bgMy belief in “aliens” and the spiritual worlds comes partly from my own personal experience (as a mind controlled subject, so use your own discernment to judge my ideas) mixed with my understanding of history, archeology, and religion (which have been taught to us all in a lying culture, so keep that in mind too).  But since I do not believe the liars have complete control, but only partial controlby http://artoftu.deviantart.com, I’ll summarize what we’ve all heard that history tells us, in short, that “the gods” from the skies/heavens/stars have always been with humankind.

images-2And those “gods” have not always been protective or nice.  Various accounts, from Sumerian, Hindu, Hebrew, Greek, Roman and other cultures, say the gods created humans to be slaves in their gold mines, annihilated whole cities with bolts from the sky, tried to annihilate all of humanity in the Flood, then when some survived, they/Enlil/Jehovah decided to shorten our lifespans to keep us from developing enough wisdom to continue to be the problems that we were – and many more tales of harsh and callous treatment.

images-1Most importantly, to connect my theory, the gods also always had favored humans whom they placed in power to rule over the masses.  Today, it seems the people in power are poisoning our air, water, and food, destroying our ecosystems and economies, and all for reasons no one seems to understand – unless we consider that perhaps the gods are still trying to keep us from developing in wisdom or otherwise.

Mind control supports that theory.

So when thousands of people report “alien” experiences, many with the same themes and body marks, and thousands report “mind control” experiences, and we can read government documents and CIA Director testimony about these mind control technologies, and we learn that these two cultural phenomena, alien contact and mind control, developed in America in the same decade, and I personally can often not tell the difference between them and their effects, I have to consider that they may be the same thing or very closely related.

But those two categories of experience are only some of the (good and evil) intelligence of the cosmos.

My personal wrestling with these energies over the decades has led me to believe there have also been other Intelligences working to help us evolve beyond the slaves that some beings seem to have planned for us to be.

3238520They may very well have incarnated on Earth as Wise Ones, Teachers, Prophets, or Avatars, and I believe it’s entirely possible also that some of them continue to help us in discarnate form, and so I do ask for Help, and I experience that.

And this may be the entire point of it all:  That we develop a spiritual practice, develop our spiritual Selves, know the Spiritual Intelligences with whom we align, and know why we align with them.

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  1. Jean Eisenhower

    Yes, it’s not only possible, but I discuss that in my book in a relation to at least one experience, perhaps a few. However, most of my repressed memories, I believe, are mine from this current life.


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